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Body Contouring

Embrace the confidence of a refined physique. Sculpt and tone your body, targeting stubborn fat and paving the way for muscle. Experience the transformative results of House Contouring, Sculpting and Post Op Care. Achieve your desired body shape with our advanced body contouring treatments at Clubhouse Skin and Laser Medspa in Hampton.
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Body Services

Body contouring Add- Ons

House Cavitation

House Cavitation is a non invasive fat reduction using ultrasonic cavitation to target and eliminate unwanted fat.

Ultrasound waves vibrate fat cells resulting in heat thermogenesis. This destroys fat cells releasing fatty acid. The fatty acid is then excreted from the body via your lymphatic system i.e sweat, urine, etc.

Treatment areas include: abdomen, flanks, back, legs, arms.

House Tight

Tighten and tone sagging skin with House Tight.

A non invasive skin tightening treatment using radio frequency to induce the body's natural production of collagen and elastin, the building blocks to more youthful skin. .

This service can be ran concurrently with ultrasound cavitation as an "ADD ON"

Ultra Sculpt

The fastest fat reduction session ever! Our tried and proven combination therapy of 5 techniques for one ULTIMATE experience.

1) Laser Lipo

2) Ultrasonic Cavitation

3) Wood Therapy

4) Vacuum Therapy with Lymphatic Massage

5) Radio Frequency/ Skin Tightening

Post Op Sculpt

Reserved for Post Op Dolls looking to maintain their shape after BBL and/or Lipo suction. (Minimum 3 weeks Post Op) Target and eliminate unevenness or fibrosis. Technicians customize treatment to clients needs may include the following techniques: Ultrasound (different from cavitation)

Laser Lipo

Endermologie Ultrasonic Cavitation Wood Therapy Vacuum Therapy Massage Ice therapy Radio Frequency/ Skin Tightening Infrared Light Therapy

Cellulite Treatment

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Post-Op Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Post- Op  massages or Post - Op Lymphatic massages are ideal after a BBL or liposuction. These massages decrease swelling, pain, and recovery time. Post-op lymphatic massages coupled with other post op services  improve results, and reduce fibrosis, or scar tissue formation. 

ClubHouse Lymphatic Massages are performed by NCTMB Board Certified Registered Nurses. 

Wood Therapy

Sculpt and Reshape your curves with the ancient art of wood therapy. Great for post op lipo suction and BBL patients as a monthly maintenance, to prevent fibrosis or hardening. Also, used to break down pockets of localized fat causing cellulite. Available as an add on service to cavitation or post op massage

Infrared House Sweat

Can't make it to the gym? Our "House Sweat" treatment uses Infrared technology and Sauna therapy to heat your body's core temperature to stimulate calorie burning upwards of 800 calories. "House Sweat" is a great add-on service to any body contouring service to stimulate your lymphatic system and expel fat and toxins.

House Tight

Increase collagen and elastin to tone and tighten skin. Tighten and tone sagging skin with radio frequency technology. Radio frequency uses thermogenesis to stimulate the bodies natural process to produce more collagen and elastin. This service can be ran concurrently with ultrasound cavitation as an "ADD ON" (see pricing under ADD ONS) or be done as a stand alone service.

Cellulite Eraser

Add Cellulite Eraser to any body contouring service for a non-invasive, full-body treatment that reduces cellulite, sculpts, and reshapes the body with no pain or downtime. For Post Op clients this service helps with reducing scar tissue, fibrosis and cellulite. 

LED Skin Tight

Post Op Taping

Before and After 

Pre+ Postcare Instructions


• Avoid eating 2 hours prior to treatment if you are treating your stomach/abdomen area.

• Drink (1 gallon) of water per day and follow a low-fat diet to maximize your results.

• Avoid aspirin or anticoagulants if possible as they may cause bruising with a suction device.

• Unprotected sun exposure to the treatment area 2 weeks prior to treatment can result in
complications such as skin burns. SPF 30 is required on the treatment area if it is exposed to the sun.

• Exfoliate the treatment area the day of your treatment.

• Closely shave any hair in the treatment area. If the area to be treated has long hairs, they will be
pulled by the device.

• Avoid creams, moisturizers, self-tanners or any other topical products on the area to be treated.

• Discontinue the use of Accutane for six (6) months prior to treatment.

• If you are pregnant, we will need to postpone your treatment. You can resume your treatment 3
months after delivery with a release from your doctor.

• You must wait 3 months after liposuction to begin treatments; a release from your doctor is required.

• Avoid the use of Retin-A or any acids that may be irritating to the treatment area 3 days prior to

• Please note that you may be more sensitive to the procedure if you are premenstrual or

• If you are on antibiotics, you must have had your last dose 10 days prior to treatment.

• The use of certain medications causing sensitivity to sunlight, (photosensitive) should be avoided,
please contact us if you are not sure if your medication is photosensitive. Photosensitive medications
may cause skin burns.

• If the skin to be treated is irritated, non-intact or bruised we will postpone your treatment until your
skin is healed.


• Drink (1 gallon) of water throughout the day and follow a low-fat diet to maximize your results.

• Walking for 30 minutes will benefit your body’s response to this treatment.

• The treatment area should not be exposed to the sun. SPF 30 or higher should be applied whenever
exposed to the sun.

• Immediately following treatment, the area may show a slight erythema (redness) and/or edema
(swelling). Itching is possible as well all of which are completely normal.

• Bruising, “Hickeys” or crusting of the skin may also occur, this is possible however contact the office
with any concerns you may have.

• Avid exfoliating the treatment area 24 hours post treatment, avoid exfoliating irritated skin.

• Avoid Retin-A or irritating acids or products for 24 hours following treatment.

• If the skin in the treated area crusts, do not rub, pick, or use any kind of exfoliation until the treated
area heals. Do not shave the area if crusting is present. Contact the office for care instructions.

• If swelling occurs, apply ice packs. Discomfort or stinging may be alleviated with Tylenol or other
pain reliever.

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