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Post-Op Concierge Services

The clubHouse provides private one-on-one Post-op recovery care or Concierge services for cosmetic and reconstructive surgery procedures. ClubHouse services are designed to ease the transition after your procedure and your journey back home. The clubHouse is exclusively focused on serving the elective surgery patient in that brief, yet important time period between surgery and a prudent and safe return home. Our dedicated team is overseen by a Medical Director and are Registered Nurses trained in recognizing signs of distress, CPR certified and will monitor your progression throughout your recuperation.

After a request is sent, our ClubHouse team will assign a Registered Nurse to accompany you on your journey. Your nurses duties may include but are not limited to:

- Accompany to pre and post op visits

- 24 hour care post op​

  • 24 hour Vital Check

  • 24 hr post-op assessment

  • Assistance with bathing

  • Assistance with garment change

  • Food preparation (Prescribed post-op diet) 

- Prescription fills and pick up

-Scheduling transportation and travel accommodations

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