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Laser Hair Removal

Ditch the Razor!!

Tired of shaving, waxing or tweezing? Looking for a more permanent solution to hair reduction?

Laser Hair Removal technology now allows a beam of light to effectively destroy hair follicles- permanently removing unwanted hairs.

ClubHouse specializes in laser services for Skin of Color. This means our staff is certified and trained in treating Multi-Cultural Skin. We conduct a skin analysis to match you with the appropriate laser. We provide services using Lumenis Splendor X Alex and Yag blend laser. This state of art machine treats ALL SKIN TYPES (Fitz 1-6).

Laser Hair Removal Treatment in Hampton VA

Treatment Areas

Small Area: 

•Back of neck

•Front of neck


•Hair line





Bikini Line (front) -Removes the hair just outside the panty line.

•Lower Stomach -Removes the hair from the navel down to the top of the bikini area.

Medium Area: 

•Full Neck -Removes hair from front and nape

•Collar Round (Men) -Removes the hair of the collar in a round shape.


•Medium Bikini - Removes the hair 1 inch into the panty line and ends at the buttock cheek.

•Buttocks Strip -Removes the hair from inside the gluteus

•Hands and Fingers

•Feet and Toes

Large Area: 

•Buttocks -Removes the hair from the entire gluteus. This does not include the Buttocks strip.

•Full Face -Removes hair from hair line, sideburns, chin, upper lip, front and back of neck

•Deep Bikini (front & back) -Removes the hair alongside the panty line and ends at the buttock cheek. Includes buttocks strip.

•Half Legs


Chest -Removes the hair from the clavicle down to the sternum includes collar.

•Upper Back -Removes the hair from below the nape of the neck to the mid back includes shoulders.

•Lower Back

•Bald Head

•Half Arms

Extra Large Area: 

•Full Brazilian (front & back) -The most popular of our bikini services. Removes all hair from the front of the bikini area. Includes buttocks strip. •Full Legs

•Full Torso (front) -Removes hair from chest and abdomen

Full Back

•Full Arms

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